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05 septembra 2012

Stay classy

Hello my readers :)

I do not know how you, but I totally love classic style - the simplicity, minimalism, elegance. Some people think that this look is boring or too serious but that is not the rule. I want to show you that if you have to wear elegant clothes you can have respect but you will still look chic and girlish.

1.)Pink blazer will give you more energetic and girlish look

2.)White simple shirt

3.)Leather jeans-thanks to different material it will not be as boring as classic black jeans

4.)Pink shoes will perfectly match with pink blazer

5.)Black leather bag

04 septembra 2012

Graffiti nail polish

Good morning!

I am so lucky to be an university student also because of my long holidays. Long sleep during september is fantastic. It makes september one of my favourites months now :). I love it when I can wake up whenever I want and make breakfast (or mostly brunch) during reading news and I just enjoy the time for myself. This morning (also because of plenty of time) I tried a nail graffiti and I have to say that it looks interesting. It is something new for me. I am such a classy so I do not experiment much and I usually wear simply but in my opinion timeless and always trendy red nail polish but combination red and black is not bad too. You can try it to make more colorfull, it is upto you. I think that graffiti nail polish is usefull when you want to make your nails look different so it will catch an attraction of other people. :)

03 septembra 2012

Autumn is here

Summer is in the end. It means that day will be colder and colder and we can not wear our comfortable shorts, skirts and summer dresses. But nevermind, because autumn in fashion can be stylish and comfortable, too. I have some tips for you so get inspired! :)

1.) Leather skirt.
I personally think that a leather skirt is a great idea for rainy and cold weather. You should wear some nice but warm stockings of course.

2.)Furry vest
You can wear it especially in september when days are not so much cold and you do not need jacket so just wear a furry vest with some long sleeved shirt under it.

I do not like wearing high heels when the weather is snowy (because of possible accidents, maybe) so I try to wear them during this season. Nowadays I prefer wedge boots but I just love these Jeffrey Campbell ones!

4.Big bag
A big leather bag has many pros. For example can put an umbrella into it what can be usefull during rainy days.

5.)Do not forget accessories!

Here we go

Hello everyone! 

I am so glad that you are reading my brand new blog right now! The main idea of this blog is to inspire you. Whenever I see beautiful pictures and read inspiring thoughts it is so pleasure feeling for my soul. So I decided to make my own blog to show you what interests me and inspire me. I want to share with you all beautiful things around us and make your day better. I hope you will keep visiting my blog and like it here! :)