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03 septembra 2012

Autumn is here

Summer is in the end. It means that day will be colder and colder and we can not wear our comfortable shorts, skirts and summer dresses. But nevermind, because autumn in fashion can be stylish and comfortable, too. I have some tips for you so get inspired! :)

1.) Leather skirt.
I personally think that a leather skirt is a great idea for rainy and cold weather. You should wear some nice but warm stockings of course.

2.)Furry vest
You can wear it especially in september when days are not so much cold and you do not need jacket so just wear a furry vest with some long sleeved shirt under it.

I do not like wearing high heels when the weather is snowy (because of possible accidents, maybe) so I try to wear them during this season. Nowadays I prefer wedge boots but I just love these Jeffrey Campbell ones!

4.Big bag
A big leather bag has many pros. For example can put an umbrella into it what can be usefull during rainy days.

5.)Do not forget accessories!

2 komentáre:

  1. Leather skirts are so cool! not such a fan of furry vests, they are a bit tacky to me

    cool blog btw, keep up the good work

  2. love the photo of the ring and the mint sleeve, very cool!