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04 septembra 2012

Graffiti nail polish

Good morning!

I am so lucky to be an university student also because of my long holidays. Long sleep during september is fantastic. It makes september one of my favourites months now :). I love it when I can wake up whenever I want and make breakfast (or mostly brunch) during reading news and I just enjoy the time for myself. This morning (also because of plenty of time) I tried a nail graffiti and I have to say that it looks interesting. It is something new for me. I am such a classy so I do not experiment much and I usually wear simply but in my opinion timeless and always trendy red nail polish but combination red and black is not bad too. You can try it to make more colorfull, it is upto you. I think that graffiti nail polish is usefull when you want to make your nails look different so it will catch an attraction of other people. :)

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